She Is My Mother; Daughter Too



I never imagined that, in my life I would ever experience this. Yes, my mother in law is an Alzheimer’s patient and I am her caregiver

Everymorning, she eagerly waits for me to serve her breakfast. When it is  time to  have my breakfast, she would again be at the table for breakfast. She forgets she already had it.

She is very good at making stories. In some mornings she becomes so confused that she calls me ‘Aunty’; even she calls her son ‘Uncle’. Those times, whatever questions we ask about her family, instant answers we get; but only imaginary.

After taking bath, whichever dress she finds, she wears without bothering whose is that.

Whoever comes home, she has a set of questions and statements like ” How are you? How are your children? Pay attention to your children”.

I feed her, I give her what to wear, I scold her when she becomes mischievous, I kiss her, she kisses me too. When I am not around, she becomes restless.

Now tell me,who is she for me?

Yes she is my daughter.


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